Dance Team prepares for competitions and a concert

Dance Team has been choreographing and practicing routines for the annual Winter Wishes Concert and competition season.

For the concert, Dance Team split into six groups of four members, each group choreographing their own performances. Within each group, two choreographers select music, plan out the dance and find costumes. Under usual circumstances, the small groups would be able to gather in person, but with the limitations of COVID-19 they are instead holding practices over Zoom two to three times a week. 

“At first, it was difficult finding the angles and which side was which [over Zoom call], but once we got used to it, everything was better,” lieutenant junior Rachel Chen said. “Through this [experience], I’ve learned that communicating and compromising is important to being successful and to overcome the hardships we face during this time. I’m looking forward to the day we can all dance in person again.”

With the restrictions of social distancing guidelines making it unlikely that a live performance will occur, Dance Team has plans to possibly hold the Winter Wishes Concert through a livestream so they can still showcase their skills to an audience.

“We are hoping that we’ll be able to put on some type of performance so our dances can help lift the spirits of people after being in such a difficult situation for so long,” lieutenant senior Sarah Smith said. “We haven’t danced as a team yet and the new members haven’t been in the room, which is sad because we make a lot of our memories together in the dance room.”

Although Dance Team has not been able to convene in person for practices since the summer, there are plans to do so as soon as it is safe. For the upcoming competition season, regional and national competitions are still being held, but with new health guidelines such as having no spectators.

“Some struggles that the team has faced are trying to get to know all the new members and forming that bond with them. Usually every year we spend our summer practice getting to know them,” lieutenant junior Hailey Nguyen said. “I am proud of all the girls [for] not letting the circumstances change their work ethic. The team has been working hard as usual and thinking positively.”

By Natalie Cheng, Arts editor
Photo courtesy of Rachel Chen