Dance Team poses with their choreographer after finishing their kick routine.

Dance Team rehearses new kick routine for the 2021-22 season

Dance Team performs a new kick routine for this year’s competitions and performance, choreographed by Sue Gehingr. It finished rehearsing the routine Friday, August 20.  Kick routines involve a mix of acting and intricate leg work, while the acting portions include expressive facial expressions and movements.

The Dance Team has over seven championship titles in kick and is currently undefeated A kick routine can be individualized to each team, depending on the members of the team and its skill set so its routine changes every year.

“ Our kick routine this year is very characterized and based on acting. The routine can be whatever we make it; this year we choose to center the routine around a theme, which makes the routine so special to us,” sophomore Kaitlyn Mak said.

This year’s theme is inspired by the film The Wizard of Oz. To incorporate the theme, the dancers will have music and costumes that represent the movie. The routine has many different sections so during practice the dancers rehearsed small parts of it to make sure their part is memorized. After memorizing the smaller sections, they practice the entire routine, which is called a “full out.”

“[Memorizing] perfectly is key to a kick routine. In order to be there for the team and be consistent with the routine, making sure our kicks are clean and accurate is very important,” sophomore Caelin Budiarto said.

The routine will be performed at the Fall Pep Rally Friday, Oct. 29.

“What’s special about this year’s routine is that the theme is different and our team dynamic is really strong. I love how clean it looks,” Mak said. “The feeling of walking off the stage feeling really accomplished that we were able to finish it makes all the hours of work worth it. We’ve spent so many hours working on it and we’re just so proud of [ourselves].”

By Sofia Majeed, Arts editor
Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Mak