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Dance Team to Perform at Back-To-School-Night

Dance Team will perform during Back-to-School Night in the gym on Thursday, Aug. 25.

After rehearsing over the summer and after school, the team will be dancing to “Beat It” by Michael Jackson as part of the showcase.

“Students and parents should expect to be thrown back in time to the era of the King of Pop. This dance sets off the entire season [so] I hope the students and parents see us as defending state champions,” sophomore Chiara Lindsay said. “It’s such a fun dance, and I’m pumped to show what Dance Team can bring. A lot has gone into and will go into this dance before we present to everyone on Thursday.”

This will be Dance Team’s first performance of the year, and it will serve as practice for future competitions.

“If someone isn’t accustomed to a large crowd, it’s a great time to shake the nerves because we’re not dancing for a score yet,” junior Renee Hua said. “I’m looking forward to showing parents and students a clean, polished and fun routine. I’d like for them to see the time and dedication we put into this team.”

By Angela Cao and Kevin Arifin, Arts editors
Photo by Justin Jiang

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