Dance to perform at first competition

Dance Team will participate in its first competition of the year Saturday, Jan. 14 at Santiago High School.

Dance practices every day during sixth period until 3:15 p.m. Extra rehearsals have been added to the dancers’ schedule to correct any mistakes and to improve overall form, coordination and quality.

“All of our practices are the times [when] we could perfect all the specific little things to make us place well in competitions, and it shows us that we have to work hard [to] earn our trophies,” junior Leilah Lou said. “It helps with our team bonding because we all work hard for the same goal, and we can’t do that unless we all put in the same amount of effort. We go through all the sweat and tears together, which makes our team like a family.”

Dance is performing seven routines based on lyrical and jazz styles, each with a different composition. The performances will be accompanied by tunes such as “Beat It” by Michael Jackson, “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen and “Oklahoma Crude” by Henry Mancini.

“Competitions are different [from regular performances] because we go against other dance teams, and the atmosphere is more competitive,” sophomore Valerie Peh said. “I feel excited and confident. I know our team is capable of doing very well because of our ability to work together to achieve the same goal.”

By Sarah Aie, Staff writer 

Photo by Samuel Compolongo

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