Drama participates in DTASC Festival

Advanced Drama and Drama 1 students will participate in the annual Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC) Fall Festival Saturday, Oct. 22 at James Monroe High School.

Students will challenge other students from Southern California in DTASC and compete in different acting categories such as children’s theatre, large group comedy and female playwright.

DTASC gives students a chance to meet people who have similar interests to them and make new friends. It also gives young actors a chance to showcase their talent and it’s just a good time overall,” Advanced Drama member senior Moiz Memon said. “My group is well-prepared, but performing in front of people—especially in a competition—is scary and can be hard.”

Advanced Drama practiced for two months during class, lunch, tutorial and after school to prepare for DTASC. This will be the second time they are performing.

“I feel nervous because it is really tough competition, especially with schools who dedicate their time more than we do,” Advanced Drama member junior Jessie Yang said. “[DTASC] provides a new perspective to people who don’t really get to see variety all the time.”

Drama 1 students are given the opportunity to spectate the event and learn from the other students.

“Although we aren’t performing, we get to see other pieces by Advanced Drama come to life, which is very cool,” Drama 1 member freshman Fiona Liu said. “I’m really excited to be able to go with Advanced Drama to their competition to see the different categories and experience a little bit of the real world in the industry of acting.”

By Jeremy Hsaio, staff writer
Photo by Samuel Compolongo