Drama performs in Improv Show

Drama performed in its Drama Improv Show Friday, Jan. 25 at the Multipurpose Room.

Members participated in improvised skits based on certain objectives and topics, such as going to school or going home after work. In order to do this, members relied on off-handed memorization and on-the-spot reactions.

“What makes [improvisation] fun is you don’t really have a script, and you’re doing it on the spot. It makes the environment really fun and chill, and there’s no real stress about having to memorize any lines or messing up because it’s really based on you and your reactions,” junior Aala Ahmed said. “People can see that with these activities, drama isn’t just memorizing lines, and it’s not just learning monologues.”

The show featured improvised lines and scenes that the audience suggested, such as creating a musical-opera named “Green Anchovy” and recreating a flex-tape pasta cooking show in three different genres. Drama members used a technique called “fishing,” in which they asked members in the audience for their input in order to establish a scenario to revolve their performance around.

“My favorite part about any show is who you [get] to spend time [and work] with. It’s really about having fun. What we have to do is just try to make people laugh and have a good time. That’s the fundamental part of it,” senior Evan Torres-Soleil said. “You just let it happen. You use your imagination, your creativity [and] your life.”

By Ethan Park, Staff writer
Photo by Jessie Dixon


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