Drama prepares for Fall Show

Drama will present its Fall Show, “The Understudy,” from Oct. 1-4. The play-within-a-play centralizes around the murder of Dolores, the lead actress.

“The show in general is like a murder mystery, [though] you know who the murderer is right in the beginning, but no one else does except for the audience. It’s a different kind of show,” junior Riley Herms said.

The unique play style requires the actors to exaggerate their emotions in order to present themselves in their different roles.

“When I play the different characters, I try to emphasize different aspects of their personality,” junior Cameron Craig said. “For the character within the actual [show], he may be clumsy, so to differentiate with the play within the show, I make him more careful and even confident. They’re opposites to an extent.”

Members of the cast only have six weeks to rehearse. In order to gain extra rehearsal time, auditions for the play were held one week before the start of school. They also practice frequently during tutorial.

“We’re working on lighting, props and costumes and trying to put everything together. Everything is coming along pretty well; we’re almost [finished] so that’s getting stressful but I think everything is going smoothly,” senior Gabrielle Duong said.

Because of the influx of new members this year, Drama implemented a buddy system, where experienced members pair up with newcomers who have not been in a play before.

“If we didn’t have the buddy system, then I feel like the newcomers would be very confused,” Herms said. “It also got the cast closer, so we’re a really close-knit cast even though we’ve only been rehearsing for six weeks. The system really helped us.”

Despite the shortage of time, the Drama members overcame their obstacles and were able to work with each other more efficiently for the upcoming show.

“We just rehearse and rehearse to get more familiar with our characters. By the end of the [rehearsals], we’re all accidentally calling each other by our stage names,” freshman Heidi Salas said.

By Sophia Ding, Staff writer

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