Drama presents Dinner Theatre

Drama showcased its annual Dinner Theatre, featuring a comedic murder mystery called “A Family Reunion to Die For” on Oct. 24-25 and Nov. 1 in the MPR.

This year’s Dinner Theatre was more casual and engaging in contrast to previous murder mysteries Drama has performed. The cast sat and interacted with the audience, directly involving the viewers with the production by asking questions and making eye contact.

“We were nervous before the show started and afraid not many people would show up on opening night,” sophomore Farhan Kamdar said. “When I walked in and heard all the laughter, the nervousness was immediately gone and I started to have more fun. It was a brilliant experience, something I’ll never forget.”

The play included romantic couples, characters with conflicting personalities, snarky dialogue and several asides in which the action paused and a character would share information only with the audience.

“You’ll find the romantic-lovey couples. There’s a couple that play it off as a couple, but they’re actually not in love with each other,” senior Zoe Gavina said. “You’ll find someone with dual personalities. [They put on] a facade in front of certain people and events I think the show went pretty well. There are several ways [the new actors] can improve themselves, but then again, they’re young and don’t really know as much as Advanced Drama.”

To help with the production, Drama brought back alumnus Andrew Acosta to direct and coach the actors. Acosta experimented with scenes and decided which ones to keep and cut.

“[Andrew] was able to work with me as an actor and helped me become a better actor, helped me get into the character more, think about who the character was. He helped me become my character,” Kamdar said.

By Jeffrey Tran, Staff writer

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