Drama’s “A Family Reunion to Die For” auditions open to all students

Drama held open auditions for its dinner theater, “A Family Reunion to Die For,” on Wednesday, Sept. 3 and Thursday, Sept. 4 in Room T-1. This is the first time in which Drama allowed the entire student body to audition.

Contrary to the previous years when only students in performing arts could audition, Drama opened its doors to students who do not have such classes in their schedules. In addition, the auditioning experience helped the students become more exposed to theatrical arts.

I think it’s cool that everyone’s getting a chance at performing. I hope that the drama program attracts more people with this open audition,” junior Cecilia Liang said. “Hopefully, we’ll discover new talents and attract newcomers.”

Introducing fresh recruits into shows will take more practice and time for rehearsals, and the experienced members must cope with the changes.

“We’re probably going to have to work extra hard to perfect [the show] because we’ll have to go over the basics with the inexperienced [actors], but it should be a great learning experience for everyone,” Liang said.

The students who auditioned presented monologues and pantomimes in front of student director, former Drama member Andrew Acosta.

“We have auditions to see how their characters are and place each person for their specific character. We’ll have time to critique people, fix the problems that they have and make sure that the show turns out well,” senior Kensy Hernandez said.

There were only 16 parts available for the 31 people who auditioned, and with a mix of new and returning actors, Drama is looking forward to bringing a fresh outlook to the dinner theater performance.

“I think it will really bring competition to the auditions and a lot of talent to the show. It may even make people want to join Advanced Drama next year, which would really help the program,” senior Alisha Greene said. “The drama program puts all its effort into making sure our shows are a success. Add the extra talent we’ll attract from open auditions, and I think this will be a show worth seeing.”

By Caroline Huang, Arts editor

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