Drama’s fall show

Drama will perform “You Can’t Take It With You,” a romantic comedy, Nov. 4-7 at 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.

Sophomore Heidi Salas and junior John Reed will play the lead roles of Alice and Tony, two office workers who develop a relationship. However, complications arise from the differing personalities of their families.

“I’m prepared and excited for [the show]. I think it will be better because it’s more comical, and it’s fun,” Salas said. “The new teacher has made it more interesting. He has a really good sense of humor, [and it’s] really fun to work with him.”

Drama instructor Matthew Migliorini focuses on rehearsing scenes that require more work to ensure the quality of the play.

“He sees these habits. For example, someone could portray a line wrong and [he’d] try to fix that. We run through things, stop them and make them redo it so they can get into the habit of doing it correctly. We make sure they don’t rush their lines or else it’s like, ‘What are you saying?’” assistant director sophomore Jessie Yang said.

In addition, Migliorini is encouraging cast members to sell the show by word-of-mouth and to spread ticket sales with friends, instead of relying on hand-drawn posters and signs to attract a larger audience.

“He wants this show to sell out. Honestly, this is the first performance we put up for him. He believes the cast of 18 can easily get 600 people to come to the show. The cast gets it done,” Reed said.

This year’s show will also include lighting, audio effects and fireworks.

“We’re about 80 percent ready. It really gets down to the skin of teeth before it actually happens,” Reed said. “There [are] going to be lots of funny moments, live music [and] fireworks. That’s all I’m going to say, fireworks.”

By Phillip Leung, Staff writer

Photo By Sajid Iqbal