Drumline places second at Monrovia High School

Drumline placed second at the Southern California Percussion Alliance competition Sunday, March 5 at Monrovia High School.

The team initially had trouble finding rehearsal locations because of the rain that day. However, the eight hours they dedicated to practice each week created an on-stage team dynamic that was not affected by the difficult rehearsal conditions.

“It was a stressful situation since our equipment was getting wet and there was very little room [under the easy ups], but we figured it out and made it work,” vibraphone player freshman Amanda Ayerdis said. “Rain or no rain, I feel like we would have given our all no matter what. We’ve worked too hard to let rain get in the way of doing our best.”

Drumline’s performance for this show focused more on its concert music rather than the visuals to convey their show title and theme “Memento Vivere”, or Remember to Live. Members sought to express the importance of remembering what to live for through more dramatic dynamics, the changing of facial expressions and expressive body language.

“We gave it our all, and as the results show, we had a pretty solid run,” marimba player junior Chris Ramirez said. “I think a word that really describes the show is ethereal. The music is so captivating to me and it feels like it really conveys the message of remembering to live life to the fullest.”

Although it placed second, the team recognizes that they still have much to improve. Members hope to refine the balance between instruments and will be adding a vocal for their next competition at Great Oak High School Sunday, March 12.

“We definitely proved that we are capable [of earning] that first place, as long as we keep striking forward, [improving] our technique everyday and [focusing] on making the show better every rehearsal,” timpani player senior Matthew Lin said.

By Erica Chang and Tristan Gonzalez, Arts editors
Photo courtesy of Matthew Lin