Drumline to perform at first competition of the year

Drumline will perform at its first competition of the year, the Percussion Scholastic Concert A (PSCA), Saturday, Feb. 4 at Valencia High School.

This will be the first year in which Drumline is focusing solely on concert music, meaning that the performance will be stationary and will have no visuals. The competition will also be more condensed, with only 10 groups competing at once rather than the usual 50.

“Since we don’t have the band behind us, it’s more intense and concentrated on percussion. A lot of our members are in the visual group, [in which] they move around, so they’re not used to more intricate [music]. My goal for them [is] to have a well rounded skill set at the end of this season,” section leader and marimba player senior Verenna Denina said. “I feel like we’re pretty prepared; we just need to push through it [and] have the confidence to perform this Saturday.”

The title of the show this year is Memento Vivere, or Remember to Live, which aims to remind people that although their lives are busy and overloaded with work, it is still important to take breaks and enjoy life.

“I feel that this is very relatable as the standard of Walnut High School is above a normal high, leading to most students overloading themselves with AP and IB classes,” marimba player junior Jack Huang said. “We’re so absorbed in what we’re doing that we forget to enjoy our lives. Sometimes, we need to just stop and have fun; remember to live this life we’re given.”

Drumline usually holds rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday for about three to four hours each. As the competition approaches, however, members have been devoting extra time for more practice.

“We learn a lot from this because it is very time consuming, which helps us with making sure we are responsible,” vibe player junior Shawnee Huang said. “I feel like we’re ready but [I also feel like] we’re not, because some people are still learning their music, and it’s really hard on us. I know that this competition will definitely push us to be better because once we find out our placement, it’ll motivate us to work harder and place higher.”

By Erica Chang
Photo by Kevin Arifin

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