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Glenn Miller Orchestra invited to Walnut High School

The world-famous Glenn Miller Orchestra returned to Walnut High School after a one-year hiatus to play at the Performing Arts Center, with Advanced Jazz Band opening the show.

“They are really inspiring to me because [the orchestra members] are all really passionate about their jobs. They travel to a new place almost every single night, so they get to travel to a lot of places,” senior Rhea Lin said. “It was pleasantly surprising that they would take the time to talk to the Walnut High School Jazz Band because I know they must be exhausted.”

The Jazz Band members have been practicing since the second week of school. One week before the concert, rehearsals were extended to around 4:30 p.m. in addition to regular practice hours.

“I started having shivers and got nervous because we were playing with the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Not everyone can play with them, so I also felt honored and excited. I wouldn’t stop thinking about it a month before the concert. When Dr. Clements told us a couple in months before, I couldn’t wait,” junior Ethan Lung said.

Advanced Jazz Band played six to seven pieces in the pre-show that lasted approximately 30 minutes and one swing piece for the finale of their two-hour concert. During the performance, Walnut High’s trombone section performed an act that required it to point its horns up to the ceiling and drop their horns back to normal playing position right when the drums hit the rim.

“It was especially exciting when we got to play ‘In the Mood’ with them. I really liked the visual we did towards the middle of the song,” sophomore McKenzie Swift-Ramirez said. “It was sad when they had to leave. [The experience] was absolutely inspiring. Watching the professional trombone players inspired and pushed me to try to become like them.”

By Jonathan Liu, Staff writer

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