Jazz Band hosts barbecue night concert

Intermediate and Advanced Jazz Band hosted their first jazz barbecue night concert to fundraise money on Thursday, Oct. 12 at the band room patio.

Jazz Band members served barbecue while entertaining the audience with music. Intermediate Jazz performed as an assemble followed by Advanced Jazz. They also showcased combos, small ensembles consisting of three people and the rhythm section, a setup that the band teacher, Corey Wicks, recently started this year.

“[The performance] went well, a few hiccups here and there. For advanced [jazz], it went well because they prepared themselves, and they practiced,” percussionist junior Matthew Steinberg said. “[During the concert], I got groovy with the music. I felt it in my bones and I started to want to dance. Once I got into it, it sounded ten times better.”

This is Jazz Band’s first concert that included an outdoor barbecue. Parent volunteers brought in the barbecue, and Modern Music Masters (Tri M), a club dedicated to volunteering for the music community, helped with setting up the grill and distributing the food.

“Since it was a barbecue, the audience could get up and grab food whenever and they could talk. It was a lot more relaxed compared to other concerts. It was not as cramped since it wasn’t inside,” trumpet player sophomore Lina Hua said. “Everyone seemed a lot more relaxed and [they] seemed to be having more fun.”

Jazz band have been preparing for the concert since the beginning of the school year and spent approximately three to four hours practicing after school. For practice, members would run through the entire show a couple of times.

“It was pretty solid. We spent hours and hours practicing, so if it wasn’t solid, it’d be pretty unexpected,” saxophonist senior Andrew Wang said. “Improvisation is a big part of Jazz. It’s the basis of Jazz; that’s how Jazz was started. I was excited and I could feel the vibe from the audience and I could tell that the audience was happy to be here.”

By Raymond Dunn, Staff writer
Photo by Airi Gonzalez