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Jazz Bands showcased its last concert “A Night of Alumni Jazz”

Advanced and Intermediate Jazz Band performed with alumni in its last concert of the year on Thursday, May 10 in the Performing Arts Center.

The jazz bands feature guests performers in their last concerts of the school year, and this year’s performance included a full band of alumni from the past 28 years.

“I was most excited about learning that everybody is coming together and playing on one stage because it’s rare that advanced and intermediate are playing in one concert,” said alto saxophonist junior Ashdon Lutran. “It feels like this performance was reuniting us and it’s perfect because the alumni [are] coming back to play too.”

In preparation for this performance, the jazz bands have been practicing separately every day to work on techniques and individual skills. During the period, they were divided into sections by band director Corey Wicks to perfect skills such as articulation and dynamics. In the days leading up to the concert, both Advanced and Intermediate bands rehearsed the performance together.

“It’s always important to put on a good show for the audience. The best part is when everyone gets a solo in the performance because we get to play on our own. When performing in front of a crowd, there’s more pressure, but [it] pushes us to play better and do our best,” alto saxophonist senior Taylor Chow said.

The jazz bands performed songs including “Groovin’ Hard”, “Speak Low” and “The Bari Thought of You.”

“I felt pretty calm throughout the performance because we’ve practiced the pieces consistently,” trumpet player sophomore Lina Hua said. “It’s a unique experience because in other concerts, you can’t really hear the individual player, but with jazz, there’s only one person, so you can really stick out.”

From this concert, the jazz bands learned to work more on playing with rhythm and swing as a group. They hope to improve with the groove of songs and with synchronization for the upcoming year.

“Since this is our last concert of this year, the most special part to me is that I get to end my year playing with these people who are much older than me but also played in Jazz Band,” said trumpet player freshman Rayyan Zaid. “I felt excited about this performance. It was a good experience to have because we get to come together and play with the alumni after all these practices.”

By Sarah Lew, Staff writer
Photo by Jessica Dixon