Jazz Bands to host concert Jan. 26

Intermediate and Advanced Jazz Band will host their annual Jazz Concert Thursday, Jan. 26 in the Performing Arts Center.

The concert will include guest stars such as René Lopez on the guitar, retired band director Buddy Clements on the tuba, drama teacher Mathew Migliorini and theater manager Alex Nigian, who will both be singing. Several students from choir will also be selected to perform alongside the bands. As the only jazz-exclusive concert of the year, it will feature music from genres such as rock, funk, blues and Latin jazz.

“It’s really fun, I’m just looking forward to just playing with a huge band and the guest artists. It feels very hard to describe, it’s very energetic. I’m feeling pretty good and the music isn’t too hard. I feel like it will be a good performance because we’re having a lot of guest artists, which is really cool,” Advanced Jazz alto saxophonist junior Matthew Anderson said.

The two jazz bands have had their music since the beginning of the school year, but have recently extended practice time. Band Director Corey Wicks spends class time reviewing and altering the music to improve sound quality.

“I really enjoy good jazz music in general, so of course that makes our rehearsals much more fun. The part that isn’t so fun is writing scales or writing music, but it is necessary if we want to get better,” Intermediate Jazz trombonist sophomore Brendon Yeats said. “I am excited for this concert, as I really enjoy most of the music that we play, and it is just fun to perform in general.”

The Intermediate Jazz Band will perform first, showcasing its skills in a variety of styles through an assortment of songs. The concert will start with an introduction from “Sing, Sing, Sing”, continue onto several pop songs, such as “Everything,” and then to other genres of songs, such as the Latin rock jazz “Sambeando.”

“The song I’m most excited to play has to be ‘Sing, Sing, Sing.’ When we play it, we just come in blasting and with so much energy to get the audience pumped up for this concert,” Intermediate Jazz baritone saxophonist junior Danilo Gutierrez said. “It’s a really energetic song, a song that will definitely get the audience grooving along.”

The Advanced Jazz Band will perform after the Intermediate Jazz Band and will be focused around classic rock and funky songs. The bands and guest stars will end the concert together with a performance of Ray Charles’ funky rock piece “What’d I Say.”

“It’ll just be a really fun show, it’s one of those concerts that will try to include the audience and communicate with them. It’s not like those sit down concerts where you just watch music. We’re going to encourage the audience to participate and get along with the music,” Intermediate Jazz  percussionist junior Lauren Wonn said.

By Nicole Chiang, Staff writer 
Photo by Justin Jiang