Marching Band and Color Guard at California Adventure

Color Guard and Marching Band performed in their annual parade Wednesday, Nov. 25 at California Adventure, instead of Disneyland like previous years.

During the parade, Marching Band and Color Guard played “Uptown Funk” while marching from the Tower of Terror to Paradise Pier.

“[I didn’t expect] the crowds that were there,” Marching Band member senior Brian Fung said. “It gave us more energy to cheer and make more noise to entertain the crowd. It’s not about the awards; it’s about performing for the people.”

Although the performers could enjoy leisure time before and after the parade, the trip’s main purpose was to entertain visitors.

“It was fun to see everyone’s face light up [because] everybody was so excited to see Walnut come out and perform,” Color Guard member sophomore Sara Barrios said. “There were more people watching you, and [they were] closer than usual, so it was definitely different.”

By Angela Cao, Staff writer

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Maidment