band zoom call

Marching band collaborates by using breakout rooms

Marching band has been holding Zoom call practices every Tuesday and Thursday since Tuesday, Aug.12. 

The Zoom calls, which occur from 3:30-5 p.m., are led by music teachers Katie Takahashi and Corey Wicks and coaches from various musical sections including drumline, percussion and clarinets. The coaches and teachers assist marching band students with improving their marching techniques and musical prowess. 

“I think that although distance learning is challenging, the musical instructors at the Blue Thunder Marching Band are trying their best to provide an engaging and similar marching band experience, which I truly appreciate,” clarinet section leader senior Justin Lau said. 

At the conclusion of each Zoom call, the main call, which includes over 150 marching band students, is split into multiple breakout rooms based on the 14 instrumental sections. In each breakout room, the leader of the musical section instructs the section on specific instrumental techniques. Sometimes, the marching band’s section leaders must also instruct marching technique and fluidity in the same breakout room. 

“All online conferencing platforms have some type of delay which depends on each person,” trumpet section leader and band captain senior Rayyan Zaid said. “This makes it extremely difficult to keep in time with everyone, which is why we have to rely on unique methods to continue playing music. Playing music under social distancing circumstances made me feel both frustrated, but excited for the new opportunities.”

By Jacob Khuu, Sports editor
Photo courtesy of Katelyn Takahashi