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Marching Band competes at Bellflower High School

Blue Thunder Marching Band placed second in a competition with a score of 80.65 Saturday, Nov. 9 at Bellflower High School.

Marching Band played “We’re All Mad Here,” consisting of three movements inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The drill, or the way the band marches in the performance, is more complicated than other shows with its challenging visuals and complex marching formations.

After arriving at school Saturday morning to rehearse and warm up before the competition, Marching Band headed to Bellflower High School at 4 p.m. Suited up in their uniforms, they ran through the routine again to adjust to the new environment.

“[I looked forward to] the hype [and] the adrenaline rush that we feel every time we’re on the field,” flutist sophomore Chloe Yow said. “Also, it’s really nice to show people what we’ve been working on for hours on end for one to three months.”

Marching Band has been preparing the show since before the school year began, dedicating hours each week to practicing and fine-tuning after receiving feedback from judges in each competition. The band has been focusing on sharpening details including time, unity and dynamics.

“I [wanted] to see how good we did compared to our last competition. We did really good in the last competition and I want to keep that up or get higher,” vibist freshman Maxwell Eibert said.

Although it was unable to hold its top standing from last competition, Marching Band still improved upon its previous performance through its continuous efforts to perfect its execution.

“I feel like we improved from the last competition even though this time we placed second,” marimbist sophomore Makenna Doughty said. “There was more competition, so maybe we were a little more nervous and the pressure got to us. I feel like we remained pretty focused regardless of the score.”

By Natalie Cheng, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Blue Thunder Marching Band