Marching band gives recognition to rookies

Every week, marching band has awarded one freshman “Rookie of the Day” during their meetings every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 to 5 p.m.

Section leaders and staff members are able to nominate a freshmen by filling out a Google Form and providing a reason for their decision. Nominees typically present great participation, attitude and effort during their online band meetings. Winners will also receive stickers in the mail and a shoutout on Blue Thunder Band’s social media.

“This recognition is beneficial because it promotes positivity and [gives] positive reinforcement. It shows that the staff and band leaders are aware of the behaviors of all the band members,” first assistant drum major junior George Fonseca said. “Therefore, once the rookies understand that they will be recognized for their efforts, it makes others want to do the same. This creates an overall positive environment for all [members].”

In light of recent events, during the pandemic, marching band was unable to attend their annual Rookie Band Camp, causing them to give the award more frequently.

“We want to recognize individuals who are doing an exceptional job. Our rookies missed out on Rookie Band Camp and Full Band Camp this past summer, and we understand that their transition into high school might be difficult,” band director Katelyn Takahashi said. “Despite these obstacles, our rookies are doing an amazing job.”

By Philbert Loekman, Scene editor
Photo courtesy of Katelyn Takahashi