Marching Band, Orchestra and Color Guard perform in San Francisco

Blue Thunder Marching Band, Orchestra and Color Guard performed in the 2019 Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade Saturday, Feb. 23 in Chinatown, San Francisco.

The performance was part of the overnight trip from Friday, Feb. 22 to Monday, Feb. 25 to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival.

“This performance is different in the sense that, since I am half Chinese, we were celebrating something a part of my own culture,” Color Guard member senior Lauren Blair said. “There was never a moment without laughter or somebody cracking jokes, and I honestly can’t express how thankful I am for the opportunity to have grown closer to my teammates.”

Performers played “Love Song of Kangding” throughout the parade. They also toured sightseeing locations, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito City and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

“The Golden Gate Bridge was huge, and Alcatraz was bigger than expected, so that was really cool. I was grateful to go to somewhere I haven’t been to and with good friends to experience it with. It was a great experience because we marched somewhere we have never marched before,” trumpeter freshman Nolan Nakano said.

Unlike most band performances, Orchestra also participated in the parade. Wind instrument players wore marching band uniforms and marched in the parade block while string instrument players strolled behind the band in their own block.

“We had a lot of fun just hanging out when we were standing by, and the views were amazing,” clarinetist junior Sara Majeed said. “I think the team and I definitely learned a lot about each other. I also met a lot of people in band whom I’ve had little to no interaction with thus far, so that was really neat. This trip definitely created cohesion among the band and orchestra members.”

By Angela Cao, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Lorelei Conover