Marching Band performs at Branding Iron halftime show

Marching band performed during the Branding Iron halftime show on Friday, Sept.1 at the football stadium.

Performers showcased their new field show theme “Shadows and Light” to students, parents and teachers. This year’s theme features the transformation of musical pieces from dark to light tunes.

“When I’m performing, I feel a rush of excitement and energy knowing that I’m creating music along with my fellow bandmates. I really think our show—the music, the art, the energy and the story—excites the audience,” oboist sophomore Nicky Yip said. “In this performance, I learned how to become the music and the art and story that is created from it. Your presence definitely gets brighter when you become a part of the show’s art.”

The members practiced throughout the summer and after school every Tuesday night from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. to make tonal adjustments and perfect their performance through rehearsals.

“While performing, I felt amazing because I was able to express myself to the audience. Not only that, it also allowed us to show everyone what the Blue Thunder Marching Band is really about. I felt proud to be apart of it,” clarinetist junior Chathurya Wickremasinghe said. “I think the audience became more energetic and lively due to our performance because it was dramatic and cool to watch.”  

By Erica Chang and Eunice Lin, Arts editors

Photo by Emily Ng

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