Marching band releases a collaborative cover

Marching band collaborated with Diamond Bar High School’s marching band to release a cover of the song, “Don’t Stop Believin’” on Oct. 22. The video can be found on the WHS Instagram and Facebook page as well as the Facebook and YouTube channel.

Band members recorded videos of them playing their respective section’s part and uploaded it to a Google Drive folder. Marching band director Katelyn Takahashi used video and sound editing softwares, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, to edit and combine each band member’s videos to create the entire song. 

“If [the video] inspires someone and gets them to be productive, even though it’s really hard right now, I feel as though I am [doing] a little bit of good,” sophomore bass clarinet section leader Edrin Joshua Astillero said. 

In occurrence with the pandemic, new methods of carrying out different musical projects and concerts have arised. The video allowed the marching band to showcase their music to many people within the Walnut High School community. 

“When we typically have concerts, we don’t always get a huge audience. But [by] using [the] virtual platform, this video was viewed by thousands of people. It was incredible: that overwhelming positive response that I got,” Takahashi said. “[It made me] really happy to get messages from other teachers from other schools who had said that this video meant a lot to them.” 

Through this virtual project, students in marching band were able to put their skills into action. 

“I like to see my students have fun, whether that’s performing a virtual video, performing on the field or doing a concert, I want to see them be successful and proud of their final product,” Takahashi said. “My heart is full because I could tell that they really enjoyed the project. That’s the ultimate goal, that they’re enjoying themselves with music, and proud of what they’re putting out there.”

By Rikka Tagayuna, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Edrin Joshua Astillero