Marching band to compete in Westminster tournament

Blue Thunder Marching Band will be competing at its second field tournament on Saturday, Oct. 28 at Westminster High School.

Band has been preparing for the competition by memorizing music and practicing straight leg marching to create a more uniform and professional look.

“When I’m performing, I feel happy and proud of what I can achieve,” alto saxophonist sophomore Aidan Bejarano said. “The difference for me between the first competition and this one is that I’ve been learning how to do better and improve.”

Marching band has competitions in which different divisions compete in and it will be the only band from Division 6A to participate in the competition. Members will be performing the “Shadows and Light” field show, which includes the songs “Illumination,” “Eclipse,” “Darkness” and “Illumination Reprise.”

“I feel invigorated and a part of something bigger than myself,” percussionist senior Kris Denina said. “One of my goals for the competition is to win, but I also want everyone to have a good time because we have this sense of union and family.”

By Alison Ho, Staff writer
Photo by Emily Ng