Marching band to perform at a home football game against West Covina

Blue Thunder Marching Band will perform its field show at the home varsity football game against West Covina High School Friday, Oct. 12.

Marching band will use Christmas trees as props for the first time in this performance. In addition, they will perform all three movements of their field show, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“I’m really excited to hear us play, and I’m also excited for the props because I feel like having Christmas trees on the field will make us much more interesting to look at,” percussionist freshman Makenna Doughty said. “It’ll be a cherry on top to the show.”

Band will use this performance as an opportunity to prepare for its first competition at Centennial High School Saturday, Oct. 20.

“I’m really excited to just perform it because our first competition is next week on Saturday, and our football game is a way to practice our field show,” flutist sophomore Isabel Caluya said. “Football games are a great way to practice before going on to the tournament so we can make sure we get the highest score possible.”

By Angela Naseri, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le

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