Men’s Ensemble attends CSUF Men’s Barbershop workshop

Men’s Ensemble attended the Men’s Barbershop Workshop to perform with Cal State University, Fullerton’s choir, among others, on Saturday, Nov. 8. Rather than the usual entire choir going, this was first time select members were chosen to represent Walnut High School and sing with other students from high schools all over Southern California.

The participants were put into groups of nine, each from a different school so they could know each other better through socializing and singing games.

“It was pretty fun. I bonded with a lot of people there and it was a really good experience for me because there were more people than a normal men’s choir and the style [of the barbershop] was just more unique. When we all sang together, the sound we made was pretty remarkable,” freshman Eugene Lo said.

Exposure to and collaboration with different choir groups has allowed Men’s Ensemble to improve upon its vocal techniques.

“Compared to last year, this [workshop] was different because only a selected few of us were allowed to go, and we bonded a lot more. The group of guys this year at the festival was more talented,” junior Nick Widjaya said. “We sang together on breaks, went out to eat and just had a great time talking about our experiences in singing.”

By Albert Law, Staff writer

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