Mustang Singers to perform in first festival

Mustang Singers will be performing at their first festival Thursday, March 30 in the Performing Arts Center.

The choir will be singing three songs: “Be Still, Jordan,” “K’ayal Ta’arog” and “Gloria Patri.” The latter two have been previously performed at Prelude to Spring. Many other schools, including Charter Oak, Rosemead and Diamond Ranch, will attend the festival.

“My favorite song is ‘Be Still Jordan’ because it’s a spiritual inspired by slaves, and, when we sing it, you really start to get that feeling of being in someone else’s shoes. The anxious yearning of the slaves wishing for a safe passage to freedom really hits me hard,” senior Edward Nila said. “[The judges] can expect rich harmonies put together by kids who will be giving it their all.”

The attending choirs will be judged and ranked on their diction, tone quality, understanding and presentation of music, facial expressions and intonation blend. Mustang Singers have been practicing in the theater to become accustomed to their positions, movements and stances. The choir’s class time is now devoted to polishing the songs and rehearsing their rhythms.

“I’m feeling pretty prepared because we’ve had a lot of time to grow from our last concert. I’m pretty confident about the upcoming festival; we’ve been practicing a lot, and two of the songs we had already sang at Prelude to Spring,” freshman Britney Chen said. “I’m most excited to listen to the other eight groups to see what our choir can improve on.”

Written by Nicole Chiang, Staff writer

Photo by Airi Gonzalez