Orchestra invites harpist to perform

Intermediate and Advanced Symphonic Orchestra invited harpist Carolyn Sykes to perform Tuesday, Sept. 5.

The orchestras spectated as Sykes introduced two different types of harps, the lever harp and the pedal harp, and explained their uses. Sykes will also be instructing the harp classes at Walnut, which have been open since last year to all students involved in the school’s music programs .

“I feel really lucky to know that I got to be at WHS when they gave out a special presentation and had great offers like this one,” cellist junior Jacqueline Loo said. “I know that [people outside of Walnut] didn’t have the same advantages as I did and I’m grateful that I have this opportunity.”

She then performed two pieces on the harps, “Take Five,” a popular jazz tune, and “Viva La Vida,” a modern pop tune. After her performances, Sykes invited the orchestra students to play the harps.

“[I felt] intrigued; it’s not often that anyone comes to visit orchestra. When someone does, though, you can always expect performances of the highest caliber,” violinist senior Derek Wang said. “She played so effortlessly yet still so clear and beautiful. Harp is not usually associated with [jazz], and thus it was interesting to hear jazz in a new perspective.”

By Erica Chang and Eunice Lin, Arts editors
Photo by Erica Chang

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