Orchestra performs at Autumn Serenade concert

String Orchestra and Advanced String Orchestra performed at the Autumn Serenade concert Thursday, Nov. 8 in the Performing Arts Center.

The performance showcased classical pieces such as Dvořák’s “New World Symphony” as well as holiday-themed pieces such as George Handel’s “Händel’s Messiah.”

“My favorite piece is definitely ‘New World Symphony’ because it’s such an iconic and beautiful arrangement,” freshman String Orchestra violinist Deven Tseng said. “Whenever I play it, I get a feeling of pride and satisfaction.”

Suzanne Middle School’s Challenger Orchestra was given the opportunity to perform with String Orchestra as they played songs such as “Haunted Carousel” by Erika Svanoe.

“I think it was a great experience to have the eighth graders perform with us,” sophomore String Orchestra violinist Liza Romero said. “They were all really nice, and playing with us allowed them to get a glimpse of what high school orchestra is like.”

Many soloists performed, including sophomore violist Elsie Lin and senior accordionist Nancy Xu. Lin performed “Forsyth Viola Concerto” by Cecil Forsythe, while Xu performed “Symphonic Fantasy for Accordion” Movement II by Ole Schmidt.

“Being able to play my solo in front of everyone was a very rewarding moment because I spend a lot of time practicing, and it’s nice to know that all my hard work finally paid off,” Lin said. “At first, I was extremely nervous but at some point I was like, ‘Hey, why not just enjoy this moment?’”

By Angela Naseri, Staff Writer
Photo by Erin Tan