Orchestra performs at Autumn Serenade Concert

Advanced Orchestra and Intermediate Orchestra performed in the Autumn Serenade Concert Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Performing Arts Center.

Advanced Orchestra played “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone, “The Magnificent Seven” by Elmer Bernstein and “Violin Concerto in G Minor” by Max Bruch. Intermediate Orchestra played “Pirate’s Code” by Will Musser and “Catharsis” by Amy Cann and Bob Phillips.

“I like these songs because they are really upbeat and they make you feel good. They get you into the music and you just start tapping your foot and nodding your head. This music also allows me to express my emotion in music terms so that people can hear how good I am with a lot of practice and coordination by my peers,” Advanced Orchestra violinist junior Isaiah Mora said.

Intermediate Orchestra will play alongside the eighth grade Challenger Orchestra from Suzanne during the concert. During practice, the orchestras fixed minor errors such as timing and coordination.

“I think we had everything solid because we’ve gone through various coaches that had whipped us into shape so I was pretty confident in our orchestra,” Intermediate Orchestra violinist freshman Meleia Lontok said. “We had to drill in a little more with the eighth graders, but they pulled through during the performance, so the practice paid off.”

With the assistance of the instructors, including Band and Orchestra Directors Buddy Clements and Corey Wicks, the orchestras were able to target specific areas, such as volume and key points in the piece.

“I think our group performance was really nice. The soloists were really good in their parts,” Advanced Orchestra violinist freshman Tiffany Ho said. “There might have been a few things that we could’ve done better, but overall, it was a great experience.”


By Tristan Gonzalez, Staff writer

Photo by Samuel Compolongo