Orchestra to host movie concert

Intermediate and Advanced Symphonic Orchestra will perform at their annual “The Magic of Movies and Music” concert, which features songs from movies, Thursday Feb. 16 in the Performing Arts Center.

The intermediate and advanced orchestras usually perform separately for school concerts, but will play as a combined group for this performance.

“Both orchestras possess their own sound, and by combining both orchestras into one, we [can] listen to each other. One thing I’ve noticed is that we’ve brushed up a lot on our basics, which we never really worked out by ourselves. One of the biggest issues we’ve encountered is that we haven’t been able to play at the same speed as the movie clip is playing, but it’s okay because everyone has to learn at some point in their time playing,” Advanced Orchestra violinist junior Bernard Yu said.

Orchestra has practiced since early January for the performance and also included additional  three-hour after school rehearsal sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The pieces that we’re playing so far are challenging, but fun. I feel that everyone is trying their best to make this concert phenomenal, and so am I,” Intermediate Orchestra violinist sophomore Raymond Xu said. “There is still room for improvement, like practicing to hit the right notes, as we sometimes are not in tune. However, I feel that we will do phenomenally well after we practice and perfect everything.”

The orchestras will accompany their movie theme songs with a video clip from the film played above on a screen. The program will include songs from Harry Potter, Star Wars, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Phantom of the Opera”, Pirates of the Caribbean, “The Prince of Egypt”, “Ant Bully” and “Grease”.

“We almost didn’t have enough time to practice even though we started in early January, [which] made me a little anxious,” Intermediate Orchestra cellist freshman Ken Cheng said. “Now we are close to being ready and we’re going to sound great for the audience. They’re going to love being able to watch the movies while they listen to the orchestra.

By Jeremy Hsiao, Staff Writer

Photo by Brandon Win