Performing arts organizations showcase skills at drive-thru

Cheer team members gather in front of the gym with matching uniforms and masks as they get ready to perform for the drive-thru.

Performing arts organizations performed at the drive-thru Friday, March 19.

During the drive, the color guard performed “Fight Song,” which was the dance they performed with marching band during the halftime show for football games. During the dance, the team chanted the school spirit song, yelling, “Walnut Mustangs! Go! Fight! Win!”

“It felt surreal. I didn’t think I would be able to perform for the color guard for one last time. And being able to do that was very exciting especially with my friends and new members on the team,” senior color guard member Liliana Perez said.

To bring on the spirit, cheer performed their band and general cheers. The cheers were meant to encourage and bring school spirit.

“It felt super unfamiliar but at the same time it felt nice to be back on campus. My team hasn’t seen each other in a year so meeting again was the highlight of the rally for me,” sophomore cheer member Stella Lim said. “It didn’t feel like much changed despite being gone for a year. Everyone was excited to see each other since last year and I’m glad I got to meet the new girls who made the team this year.”

Dance team performed a routine that it learned back in December for a winter video, but tweaked the choreography to match the song, “I Got A Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas. The song lasted throughout the song, but the music was cut that way it could be repeated. 

“It felt so nice to be back and just performing with all the girls,” freshman dance team member Zoey Tran said. “It was definitely strange at first but I am so thankful we got the opportunity to do this drive. Everyone was so supportive and it gave all of us a taste of how it feels to really perform, even under the masks.”

By Mia Nam, Photo manager
Photo courtesy of Stella Lim