Performing Arts organizations to perform at Branding Iron Pep Rally

Dance team, Color Guard, Cheer, Band and Walnut High All Male (WHAM) will be performing at the Branding Iron Pep Rally on Sept. 1 in the gym.

This is the first time a double schedule will be implemented for a pep rally, meaning that each group will be performing twice—once for the first pep rally at 10:45 a.m. and another for the second at 11:40 a.m.

“I feel kind of nervous and relieved at the same time because we have two chances to get the performance to be the best as possible. I’m also scared because of possible mistakes that could happen the second time around,” WHAM captain senior Patrick Chua said. “We’ve been preparing for it and we definitely have a surprise that will be really crazy for the audience”

In addition to summer practices, the performing arts groups also attended daily and afternoon rehearsals to hone their routines.

“I’m really excited to perform in the pep rally because it’s always fun and the band gets hyped up which causes the crowd to also get hyped,” alto saxophonist sophomore Ixchel Maston said. “The audience should see us [getting] excited and cheering and in turn they should show us the same amount of energy or even more than we show them.”

By Erica Chang and Eunice Lin, Arts editors
Photo by Justin Jiang