Preview: Advanced and intermediate orchestras to perform at California Adventure

Advanced and intermediate orchestras will perform on Friday, Jan. 19 at Disney California Adventure.

Orchestra students have been preparing for their performance since December. They will be performing pieces from “Schindler’s List,” “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “The Patriot” and “Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

“This is a fun experience that I’m looking forward to. I enjoy playing the songs because they’re very melodic and are composed by artists such as John Williams,” viola player freshman Kyle So said. “I don’t feel nervous about playing in Disneyland because I like seeing people listen to our music.”

The performance time is set at 9:00 a.m. on an outdoor stage with a one-hour rehearsal time.

“This performance is going to be a special experience for me, as I rarely go to Disneyland and actually spend time with my friends there,” clarinetist freshman Justin Lau said. “It feels as if we are finally performing at a prestigious level because of the bigger audience.”

By Jacob Khuu, Staff writer
Photo by Kyle Lin