Preview: Band and Orchestra to perform at Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association festival

Band and Orchestra will perform at the annual Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association festival Saturday, March 30 at the Performing Arts Center.

Open to middle and high school students in Southern California, the festival is a demonstration of each group’s musical talent. The band and orchestras will be critiqued and ranked by a judge panel of professional musicians.

“We’re judged on how we sound as a band — little things like when we cut notes off or how well our players blend together. I’m hoping to learn how well our group performs together, and how we can improve the blend of all the different instruments,” bassoonist junior Aerrielle Sevilla said. “It’s fun to see people from all around, especially those who play the same instrument as me.”

Band and Orchestra has been preparing for this festival since the beginning of the year and will showcase fast-paced, tribal songs such as “Incantation and Dance” by John Chance and “Ride” by Samuel Hazo.

“We’re really working hard this year, and the pieces are really exciting. So, I want to be able to see people enjoy themselves and put everything into their performance,” saxophonist senior Danilo Gutierrez said. “They judge us based off our pieces, and that gives us a good foundation to work on next year’s band. This is our moment to show professional musicians what we’ve got.”

By Angela Cao, Copy Lead
Photo by Christopher Chan