Chamber Singers

Preview: Chamber singers to perform the national anthem at homecoming game

Chamber singers will be performing at the annual homecoming football game Friday, Sept. 14.

As their second performance of the year, Chamber will start the football game by performing the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” by John Stafford Smith.

“Performing is like sharing the passion and the enjoyment that we have for singing with everyone else,” junior Jahlyne Rodrigo said. “I’m mostly looking forward to singing with the entire chamber.”

To prepare, Chamber has been rehearsing in third period by working on dynamics to portray the importance of the song by focusing on which parts of the song to emphasize and which parts of the song to hold back on. They also work on creating a blend between the melody, the harmonies and the chords.

“We’ve been singing the song over and over again, and Ms. Lopez critiques us on all the stylistic effects of the song, our phrasing and the importance of the words of the national anthem,” junior Samuel Hanks said.“We’ve been practicing for so long, and we’ve been getting so nitpicky about this stuff, but at the end it all just sounds so good.”

By Flora Lei, Arts editor
Photo by Justin Jiang

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