Preview: Cheer performing at first USA competition

Varsity and junior varsity Cheer will perform in their first United Spirit Association competition this year Saturday, Dec. 12 at University High School.

The performance will include new choreography such as tick-tock stunts, in which a flyer is held by one leg and switches her legs from left to right, and swing stunts, in which the flyer is swung left and right. The routine will also feature 10 tumblers, an increase from last year’s five, as well as more difficult somersaults than last year’s.

“Our choreography is very dynamic. I think it’ll keep the judges interested [because] the formations look very aligned and put together,” junior varsity freshman Kathlyn Lupu said. “We have to practice our stunts since they have to be consistently done. You have to fight for your stunts to make sure you don’t drop anyone.”

After placing second last year in its division, Cheer plans to use the critique from this competition to improve its routine before Nationals.

“We actually care about [this competition] because the judges at Nationals could be judging at the competition,” varsity captain senior Jordan Vizcarra said. “We’ll take the critiques they give us. At the practices, we’ll go back and fix them so that this year we can hopefully win first place.”

Cheer started practicing before, during and after school three months in advance to prepare for this competition.

“We run through our routines a lot and clean up to see if one person’s off,” varsity member junior Isabella Aviles said. “I think we’ll do really good, but I just hope everything hits, especially in our practices.”

At the competition, Cheer will compete against five other teams to win first place.

“I have confidence in us and in our team. Pressure makes us work hard. As a senior, it’s my last year. I’m taking every competition as it comes and appreciating it more, but still practicing as hard as I can,” Vizcarra said.

By Amy Lo, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal

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