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Preview: Cheer prepares for nationals

EDIT 9:45 a.m. 10/22/15. We stated in the article previously that Josefina Steinmetz, Dean of Health and Humanities, was the Cheer adviser. The Hoofprint acknowledges that this information is not correct and that Ashley Dompier is the Cheer adviser.

In preparation for next year’s nationals in March, Cheer is following a new schedule of conditioning for this year’s routine and is also using a different fundraising method.

This season’s competition routine includes twice the number of tumblers and focuses more on stunt work and backflips compared to last year’s routine, which earned Cheer second place at last year’s nationals.  

“[Last year at nationals] I was kind of disappointed, but then I thought about it and was like, ‘Wow we came a really long way.’ Before we didn’t even think we would place top five, so I was really proud of our team,” senior Anissa Bretado said.

Because of the added stunts of this season’s routine, practices now include conditioning along with more technique work.

“It’s also about getting them to be more flexible and improving their bodies so they can withstand the intensity of the expectations that they have for competitions,” Cheer adviser Ashley Dompier said. “They’re just going to be able to do these things with more ease, so it will look cleaner and more perfect at nationals.”

For the first time, Cheer organized an online fundraiser campaign; team members advertised on social media with a promotional video they made and sent out links to family and friends. From the fundraiser, Cheer gathered over $10,000 in less than a month and exceeded its $8,000 goal. This allows Cheer to purchase a variety of props for school activities and to update its competition equipment.  

“I just have a good feeling about this year. This is one of the best teams I’ve had to work with, and they just have such good attitudes, so I think they deserve [winning nationals]. It’s not just about your talent, but it has a lot to do with your work ethic. They work, and they want it,” Dompier said.

By Julie Lee, Staff writer

Photo by Sajid Iqbal