Preview: Choir to host Cabaret Night

Choir will perform in its annual Cabaret Night on Sept. 23 and 24.

Practice for the choirs began on the second week of school. Each choir has hosted at least one after school practice per week to rehearse singing and dancing. Dress rehearsals began the week of the actual concert.

“There is always pressure to do our best for any performance, and this is no exception,” Men’s Ensemble junior Andrew Liu said. “We’re hoping to really wow the audience with our music.”

Each respective choir, including Rhapsody in Blue, Men’s Ensemble and Chamber, had their own park or beach bondings beforehand. This helped members familiarize with one another so that during performances, they were more synchronized.

“The bonding really helped us get closer to each other. Last year, we weren’t too close, so I think this year, we’re trying a lot harder to become really good friends,” Rhapsody sophomore Sarah Gomes said. “Of course I’m nervous for our first performance, but it’s a big step for us to take together as a choir group. We have such a strong group this year, and I know we’ll be great.”

Each group and a few soloists will sing different classical, pop and folk songs to showcase the wide range of choir voices. New to this year’s performance, the songs will be accompanied by choreography.

“The audience should expect different music and lots of fun. We have been working on energetic music that gives off good vibes for Cabaret Night,” Chamber senior Nathan Si said. “It’s the first concert of the year, and we can see all the talent of the different choirs. I feel really pumped to finally start performing again.”

By Kevin Arifin, Arts editor
Photo by Justin Jiang