Preview: Choir to perform at Cabaret Night

All choirs will perform in their annual Cabaret Night concert Friday, Sept. 21 and Saturday, Sept. 22 in the Multipurpose room.

The concert will showcase pop and jazz songs, such as “Under the Sea” by Samuel E. Wright, “Second Hand Rose” by Barbra Streisand and “Whatever Lola Wants” by Sara Vaughan.

“[My favorite song is] ‘Second Hand Rose’ because the tune is interesting, [and] it’s fun to sing. It’s just a fun song in general,” Rhapsody in Blue sophomore Karla Crelencia said. “I’m looking forward to [the concert] because I’m in a new choir, and [I look forward to] meeting new people [and] getting to bond with other people. [I like] performing to an audience and showing what we’ve been working on.”

Choir started rehearsing for this concert during the summer by working on choreography and vocal techniques. They did this by running over their songs repeatedly and by applying concepts of music theory in order to enhance their singing.

“With great songs, it goes [by] really fast, and it makes a lot of things easier when you work with it,” men’s ensemble senior Paulo Bonilla said. “We’re going to be doing our best mainly because we have to start off the year good.”

By Raymond Dunn, Arts editor
Photo by Justin Jiang