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Preview: Color Guard to compete at a classification competition

Color Guard will be competing in a classification competition at Woodbridge High School Saturday, Feb. 1

Leading up to the competition, Color Guard has been practicing during class periods and on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school, adding up to over eight hours a week. Color Guard begins practices with stretching, then into dance, flag, rifle and saber sections and lastly, refining the choreography as a whole. Recently, the team has mostly been doing runs through the entire routine to perfect its positioning, choreography and tosses. 

“[I’m looking forward to] getting to go out there another year with all the people I’m super close to and do well with them,” junior Grace Altman said. “The team dynamic is good. We’re really close and we all work together really well.”

The routine is to the song “All for Us” by Labrinth and Zendaya. The song is fast and upbeat, meaning the routine is more intense than what the team would usually do. Unlike the field shows that Color Guard performs in, their competition routine is much shorter, lasting three minutes, and the space for performing is smaller. One of the unique aspects of the routine is a portion in which the team splits into trios with two members holding a flag as another tosses a rifle, walks under the flag and catches it on the other side. 

“Hopefully, [at the competition] the team will work together to have a really pretty show,” said sophomore Kimberly Ramirez. “[The last] practice was really good and the coaches were pretty proud of it, so that’s what’s making us all really confident.”

The competition will decide which division the team will compete in for the rest of the season Judges evaluate on how well the theme was conveyed, the synchronization of dancing and the consistency and accuracy of tosses.

“[Competing] is a bonding experience with other members. It makes you nervous, but it’s super fun once you’re out there and performing,“ captain senior Avery Brenner said. “At classification there’s no awards, but I’m also excited for when we have award ceremonies at future competitions to see how well we can do.”

By Natalie Cheng, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le