Preview: Dance to compete at Alhambra High School

Dance team will attend its first competition of the year Saturday, Jan. 12 at Alhambra High School.

The team will be performing seven dances in diverse styles, including large lyrical, kick, jazz and prop. Choreography for the dances was coordinated by Coach Audrey De Guzman, Kiana Gachett, Mark Meismer and Zackary Falk.

“We have been improving on our showmanship because last year it was one of our biggest weaknesses,” sophomore Brianna Chen said. “But this year we [improved by] thinking of things that make us happy when we have upbeat [routines] and things that make us sad when doing sad [routines].”

Teams from across Southern California will attend the competition and are judged based on the execution of their performance, features of their routines and showmanship of their performances.

“It’s really nerve-wracking because sometimes we feel like we might not stand a chance against them,” junior Jaylenn Choi said. “[We know] it’s not about winning but how much time you spent practicing and how well you think you did.”

By Jason Wu, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le