Preview: Dance to perform at Esperanza Dance Competition

Dance team will compete in its first competition of the year, the Esperanza Dance Competition, Saturday, Dec. 8 at Esperanza High School.

Dance team will showcase seven dances choreographed by dance team Coach Audrey De Guzman, Zackary Falk, Kiana Gachett and Mark Meismer, and include a prop routine, kick routine and large jazz routine.

“I am most excited for [the] prop routine because it’s very different from [the traditional style of dance that] you would normally see. We’ll be riding our unicycles a lot,” sophomore Brianna Chen said. “It’s also our first time performing it, and we’ve all been working very hard.”

Dance team began preparing for the competition by cleaning their routines by fixing any flaws in the dances and setting each formation during the summer, where they define what the formations are. In addition to rehearsals during sixth period and occasional full-day Saturday practices, the team rehearses at 6 a.m. every Wednesday.

“When I’m practicing, I feel happy knowing that I can do something I love alongside people who share the same passion,” freshman Rachel Chen said. “Sometimes during long practices, we’re all tired, but we work through it together as a team because we know it’ll pay off in the end.”

The team will be able to receive feedback about their performance from the judges in categories such as showmanship and technique. The feedback will help them prepare and improve for future competitions.

“We are passionate about our performances, so it’s exciting to see how our routines are going to do for Nationals,” junior Jordan Takai said. “The entire team is really looking forward to this competition, especially because it’s the first one this year. We’re definitely ready, and I think we’re going to do really well.”

By Jennifer Chang, Staff writer
Photo by Isaac Le