Preview: Jazz Bands to host annual concert

Advanced and Intermediate Jazz Bands will perform their first indoor concert of the year, “A Latin Jazz New Year,” on Wednesday, Jan. 24 in the Performing Arts Center.

The set list features a variety of Latin jazz-themed music, including “On Green Dolphin Street,” “Burritos to Go,”  “Grooved Pavement” and “Summertime.”

“Indoor concerts are a lot more formal and strict,” saxophone player freshman Jonathan Steele said. “I’m looking forward to this; it’ll be different. The songs are really cool and have a salsa groove type beat that makes them easy to dance to.”

Band coordinators have invited a guest performer, trombone player Francisco Torres, to perform solos alongside the bands.

“[Torres] practiced with us on Tuesday and gave us pointers on how we could improve our techniques,” baritone saxophone player senior Andrew Wan said. “Even though the music we’re playing is difficult, everyone is still excited. This genre is a lot to explore, and we all had a lot of fun with it.”

By Bhalpriya Sandhu, Staff writer
Photo by Erin Tan

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