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Preview: Percussion to compete in Southern California Percussion Alliance Championships

Percussion will be competing in the Southern California Percussion Alliance (SCPA) Championships on Saturday, April 14 at the Citizen’s Bank Arena in Ontario.

Open line will be performing “Falling,” while A line will be performing “Touch Within.” These original pieces, inspired by songs such as “Ending,” were written by Walnut’s instructor, Alan Han.

“I think the best part is the emotion being put into the music. I want to grow as a musician, and also, I want to build a family in a different class and at school,” open line xylophonist freshman Jeremy Lee said. “It doesn’t only affect one aspect of your life, it spreads out, like teamwork. I think the purpose is to show off what we can do as a team of percussionists.”

Percussion practices every Tuesday and Thursday for six hours to prepare. They take judge’s critiques from previous performances and use those critiques when rehearsing.

“I’m looking forward to that final performance and feeling that all your work paid off,” open line timpanist and A line vibraphonist senior Kris Denina said. “It’s really to show how we work to improve after each one and we just build and go after each competition.”

By Flora Lei, Staff writer
Photo by Erin Tan