Preview: Rhapsody in Blue to perform at Suzanne Middle School

Rhapsody in Blue will perform at Suzanne Middle School Friday, Nov. 30.

The purpose of the performance is to promote and showcase the choir program to Suzanne Middle School students. Rhapsody in Blue members will be performing songs such as “Second Hand Rose” by Barbra Streisand and “There is a Santa Claus” by Fritz Spielman.

“[We want] to show how choir is a big thing for us personally at Walnut High School and [to show the students at Suzanne] that they have opportunities to come over to Walnut High School and join choir,” Rhapsody in Blue junior Victoria Huynh said. “Going over to Suzanne is a fun experience even just for us singing out in the public because we want to show ourselves more.”

Rehearsal of the Christmas carols began in July. In addition, Rhapsody will use its performance as a way to prepare for its winter concert on Thursday, Dec. 13, which will feature some of the same songs.

“Since many of the kids who join our choir program come from Suzanne, [this performance] places joining Walnut choir in their minds. I remember seeing a choir performance by the high schoolers when I was at Suzanne, and I was really captivated by their talent. It definitely played a part in influencing me to join,” Rhapsody in Blue senior Anita Xu said. “Overall, [the performance is] a great way to reach out to the community and just provide some good holiday music and cheer.”
By Raymond Dunn, Arts editor
Photo by Isaac Le