Previewing the Autumn Serenade Concert

Advanced Orchestra and Intermediate Orchestra will perform in the Autumn Serenade Concert on Thursday, Oct. 14 in the Performing Arts Center.

Advanced Orchestra will be playing “Procession of the Sardar,” “Concerto in D Major” and “Concierto de Aranjuez.” Intermediate Orchestra will be playing “Danny Boy,” “The Tempest,” “Gypsy Waltz” and a prelude from “Holberg Suite.”

“I love playing these songs, though they are a bit blander than the other songs we normally play, because they’re amazing to play and sound incredible when the orchestra is in sync,” Advanced Orchestra cello player sophomore Ashley Lee said.

The performance will feature piano soloist sophomore Catherine Li and guitar soloist sophomore Olivia Chiang. Li is the orchestra’s newest piano soloist, while Chiang has been the orchestra’s soloist for two years.

“[Li] certainly has a different performing style than last year’s soloist, but she plays with elegance. She is definitely a nice addition to our performance,” Advanced Orchestra trumpet player senior Abel Mora Said.

Intermediate orchestra will collaborate with the Suzanne eighth grade challenger orchestra during the concert. Time has been a major issue during practices.

“I feel like we’re pretty prepared.This concert is with the eighth grade orchestra from Suzanne so i think the most challenging part would be making sure that we all have the notes and rhythm down because we only get the night of and maybe an hour or so to rehearse with them.”

Both orchestras had their first dress rehearsal on Oct. 13. There, they worked on each song for 20 minutes in order to perfect them. Rhythm and focusing went well except for a few stagecraft errors, such as lighting and microphone problems. Still, the orchestra hopes to address the minor timing problems in the dress rehearsal on the day of the concert.

“These problems are not group problems, they’re more of an individual challenge that each member must conquer to be able to perform a great concert. Other than that, I feel great about our preparations. I’m confident that we’ll put on an appealing show with the selections we’ve chosen. We’re all skilled musicians, joined together in one orchestra, and we’ve gotten past the point of just practicing and playing. Tomorrow we’re performing; the true goal of learning how to play an instrument. I hope that the audience will feel just as much passion from the music as we will,” Mora said.

By Richard Zhang, Staff writer