Q&A with Chamber Singer Abagail Sunga

Sunga with a friend at a Rhapsody in Blue concert.

Chamber Singer senior Abigail Sunga, a third year choir member, discusses her experience in the arts organization.

Q: Can you summarize the choir organization and its many groups?

A: “Choir consists of four groups. The first group being Mustang Singers which is the no audition group. You don’t have to have any experience to be in that choir. The second choir is Treble, it is audition only. Rhapsody in Blue choir is advanced treble, and it’s a show choir in which you compete against other schools, it is an ensemble that you audition for. Next, there is Chamber Singers which is the most advanced group and not a competition choir.”

Q: What do you enjoy about being in choir?

A: “I enjoy being with people and making music together. I feel like choir brings us together. It helps us bond because it’s really fun, especially when you share a passion with people in that choir, for singing.  Many people have found their friend groups  and their families in choir because they’re always together.”

Q: Why did you join choir, and what made you stay?

A: “I joined choir in sophomore year because I had a free elective space. I joined Mustang Singers and that year the group was really amazing. I met so many close friends there. The following year, we all auditioned for Rhapsody and we all made it.” 

Q: What have you gained from your choir experience?

A: “I’ve gained a passion for singing and learned to be more confident. Choir really taught me to love performing and how fun it is to be on stage. I’ve learned a lot about friendship and giving whatever you do your all.”

Q: Can you talk about the time commitment that choir requires?

A: “It really depends on which choir you’re in. When I was in Rhapsody,  we had rehearsals several times a week until 6:30 p.m.  because we are a competing choir. In all the choirs, it is expected to practice the music by yourself in addition to class time and rehearsals.” 

Q: What do you feel your time in choir will have prepared you for in the future?

A: “Well, I do want to be in choir in college, so I think it will really help me with my auditions. Many people in choir want to be a singer or performer so they are all learning the necessary skills. Even if you don’t want to be a singer,  it helps you learn about music and learn how to work with others really well.” 

Q: What would you tell prospective choir members?

A: “I would say they should definitely join the choir. You will meet some amazing people here. Also, it’s a great high school experience and something fun you can tell your future kids.”

By Sofia Majeed, Arts editor
Photo Courtesy of Abagail Sunga