Rhapsody in Blue and Treble Choir perform at Fullerton College

Rhapsody in Blue and Treble Choir performed at a festival performance on Wednesday, Nov. 14 at Fullerton College.

Choirs from seven different schools participated in the event. Treble and Rhapsody choir members sang “Alleluia” by Jennifer Thomas, “The Sleigh” by A La Russe and “Bambulele” by Will Lopes.

“It was exciting seeing the really good choirs and pretty nerve-wracking afterwards. You never know how you’ll sound, you just hope your hard work pays off and leaves some type of impression,” Rhapsody in Blue junior Delia Palacios said.

After the event, the judge rated every choir’s performance on their dynamics, volume and knowledge of the piece. The choir director was later given the score sheet, which the choirs will review during class, and recommendations on how to improve their performance.

“Going to the festival was really great because we all are there for one reason: to share and sing music,” Rhapsody in Blue junior Leanne Mangilit said. “It’s nice knowing that no matter what school we are from or what level we may be on, we all have something in common, and it’s music.”

By Philbert Loekman, Staff writer
Photo courtesy of Delia Palacios


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