Rhapsody in Blue at Knott’s Berry Farm

Rhapsody in Blue will be performing at Knott’s Berry Farm on Saturday, March 21 for its yearly choir trip. Instead of traveling to Disneyland like it did last year, Choir plans to try a different theme park as well as a different kind of music. Previously, the theme featured the 60’s-70’s era, but this year, it will emphasize a Broadway style.

“It’s fun to perform at multiple parks because we get to see the differences in the way they operate and learn how to adapt to each one of their stages,” sophomore Adrienne Caparaz said. “By getting more experience performing together, we are able to bond and improve as a group, which makes me extremely excited to go to Knott’s.”

The all-female choir will experiment with matching together different types of music that they have rehearsed throughout the year to present a diverse performance.

“I’m really excited to see how Rhapsody’s show comes along after our competition season which just ended,” sophomore Mariah Quintero said. “It has a totally different style and feel from our other performances. I feel that with new members we all have different levels of artistic abilities when we perform and I feel that together we make a really great women’s ensemble. There’s a whole other vibe coming from this show compared to last year’s.”

By Irene Ornelas, Staff writer

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